Wool Carpet

Wool Carpet

The use of wool for carpets has an age old history. Wool was being sheared and used for cloth-making as far as 8,000 years back, and not very later people were using wool for carpets, especially in ancient Persia. Even in this age, when you can have carpets made out of a number of synthetic materials, wool carpets still have a lot of things going for them. Even as Nylon and polypropylene are the most common materials used for carpets, wool gives them a stiff competition in the higher priced category. In some instances, wool is mixed with nylon, and in others you can have a pure wool carpet too.

Advantages of Wool Carpet

Wool is known for its durability, and when mixed with nylon, it is even more durable. Wool carpets also have very good sound proofing qualities, along with very high thermal insulation. Because of their spring like construction, and because of the nature of wool, they resist efforts to crush or bend them, and regain their shape sooner than carpets made out of nylon or polyester. It's durability makes sure that even as they might cost somewhat more than your average synthetic carpets, they are a good investment over the longer time horizon.

They are also stain resistant because of a natural wax like coating on the wool fibers. So even as you will need to clean them once in a while, you will have to clean them less frequently than other types of carpets. Unlike nylon and other synthetic fibers, wool also has the advantage of being resistant to fire and heat, and will not melt in its presence. Note that even as it is resistant to fire, it is still inflammable.

Wool is also a environmentally friendly option. Made out of the annual shearing of sheep, it is as green as you can get.

Wool Carpet Prices and Types

With wool carpet prices varying from the lower end of $100 to the higher end prices of $10,000 per carpet, you need to be sure of your budget with them. The price of a woolen carpet depends on a number of factors such as the quality of the carpet, material, its size, color and the dyes used. Keeping within the planned budget, you will have to compromise on one factor and go with another to get the rug that fits your requirement.

Another important factor in the price of a wool carpet is how it has been made, and its nation of origin. The Hand Knotted carpets are the costliest of all – in these carpets the artisan weaves each knot by hand. These carpets are also made out of pure wool. Tufted carpets on the other hand cost slightly less, and are made using tufting guns.

You can get a relatively cheaper rug, or get as high as it can get. Whether you want to a classy look, or want functionality, wool carpets should be on top of your list when you are considering your options.

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